Air-Sea Fluxes

With colleagues during my postdoc at Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory in Columbia University, I looked at the effect of spatial resolution on air-sea heat fluxes in global climate models. We have worked collaboratively throughout the project, and co-developed a software package called aerobulk-python that is a Python wrapper for existing Fortran code to carry out the highly complicated air-sea flux bulk formulae used in climate models. The paper is currently in prep, and I will add more details soon!

Energy and Temperature Variance Budgets

During my PhD and Postdoc, I used a novel Fourier analysis technique to compute energy and temperature variance budgets in the ocean, using climate model data. I worked with both idealized and realistic coupled, ocean-atmosphere models, and traced the root mechanisms driving both energy and temperature variance budgets. In both cases, I used open-source, Python code for my analysis, and used both HPC and Cloud computing platforms.


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