Science is awesome! But, the scientific process isn’t perfect - yet. I believe that open science practices - the public sharing of research code, data, and results combined with a truly collaborative and community-driven culture - are the best ways to accelerate the pace of science, make our science more robust, and broaden participation in science. I am particularly interested in using open-source technology to better enable science to transcend international borders.

Enabling Open Science at NASA and Beyond

At NASA, I worked to support and enable open science through NASA’s Office of the Chief Science Data Officer, contributing to NASA’s Open Source Science Initiative (OSSI). The OSSI is a comprehensive program to move NASA science toward a more open and inclusive culture. Within the OSSI, our team establishes policies to help guide researchers in doing their work more openly, implements cyberinfrastructure needed to enable open workflows, runs funding solicitations to support open science activities, and fosters community engagement via the NASA Transform to Open Science (TOPS) initiative - a 5-year initiative to accelerate the adoption of open science.

I work on a variety of activities, including:

  • Running an open science funding solicitation
  • Running review panels for open science solicitations
  • Creating introductory open science curriculum content for NASA’s Open Science 101 course (both in-person and online content)
  • Teaching introductory open science topics at large, academic conferences and within NASA
  • Leading the development of an open science competition with the US Mission for International Organizations in Vienna (Pale Blue Dot Challenge)
  • Creating the White House Office of Science & Technology Policy Open Science Recognition Challenge - a way to recognize open science stories to benefit society
  • Speaking as an invited keynote presenter and panelist on topics related to open science, including funding and cloud computing
  • Running sessions at science and open source conferences showcasing open science activities and discussing open science funding
  • Engaging with the research community at conferences and workshops
  • Engaging in strategic discussions around enabling open science
  • Hosting TOPS virtual community forum events

Open Science Community Leadership


Since February 2022, I have served as an active member of the Pangeo Steering Council. Pangeo is a community for big data geoscience, and works at the intersection of community, software, and infrastructure. Pangeo has been incredibly influential in the big data and cloud-native science community, helping to develop some of the first examples of effective use of cloud computing to enable fast scientific analysis of large and complex datasets. In this role, I help with:

  • Strategic vision and planning
  • Community decision making
  • Organization of community meetings and events
  • Outward facing presentations and other promotion
  • Other tasks that arise, such as leading the application for fiscal sponsorship via NumFOCUS (still in the final stages)


Since October 2023, I have been a Steering Council member for the NumFocus initiative OpenSource.Science (OSSci), and have been a member since October 2022. OSSci is a community at the intersection of open source software and scientific research. Tasks include: Establishing the mission and vision of OSSci Providing a US government, climate data science, and early career perspective when making decisions Presenting at conferences and events on topics related to open source software and/or open scientific research