Hi, I’m Paige! 👋 I am a scientist by training, with a background in climate data science 👩‍💻 and physical oceanography 🌊. I have years of scientific and technical expertise in large-scale data analysis, open-source software, and cloud computing. By using open-source technology and human connection, I work to support and enable open science. I envision a future with robust, transparent, and inclusive scientific research, and believe that open science frameworks are the best tools to achieve this vision.

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global map

Scientific Research

Understanding the ocean’s role in climate variability and air-sea interaction

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Cormorant posing on a sea-side rock

Open Science

Promoting open-source software, open data, and open practices in the science community

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2019 group photo from Coastal Ocean Environment Summer School in Nigeria and Ghana

Capacity Sharing

Inspiring ocean science education, training, and global research collaborations

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